The Woodworker

The Woodworker uses scraps, off-cuts, and unlikely sources of wood to create simple items, that are fun and functional. From bottle stoppers to toys, simple items made for simple pleasures.

The Weaver

The Weaver enjoys the rhythm of weaving and hands on approach to fiber arts, creating items that while frequently viewed as mundane, form simple pleasures in use and add to life’s enjoyment.


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New Kstuff Developments.

After almost a year of tinkering, a prototype yarn cone winder has gone into action.  This is a manual cone winder, designed to produce angled edge yarn cones, not parallel edge cakes.

A freshly wound cone from the Kstuff cone winder.  It took about 6 min to wind 420m of yarn.

And finally, a quick video of the winder in action.  The next iteration of the spindle should make the winder even less noisy!